The work of Alessandro Rauschmann is a compelling journey through the deepest

questions of the humankind relating to death, decay and beauty. From his beginnings,

he has been working on two different yet compatible levels spanning both

performance and sculpture.

Although visually and ontologically quite different ...

selection of artworks in chronological order


Seelen Transfer |video

_Seelen Transfer

video 2018

starring Janina Rudenska | ca. 4.35min | full HD 

_Seelen Transfer

video / installation 2018

"Aktionen im Merz | Seelen Transfer", TAMAGO, Berlin

Gattopardo |artefact


artefact 2018

leopard fur / ca. 108x122x6cm

Skull with MetroTicket |artefact

Alessandro Rauschmann Artefact Skull Metroticket culto delle anime pezzentelle

_Skull with MetroTicket

artefact 2017 

human skull, paper | 19x15x21cm 


To place metro tickets unmounted on human skulls is a contemporary mortuary cult in Naples. 

The raised skulls inside the Cimitero delle Fontanelle are "adopted" as nameless lost souls by the Neapolitans since centurys. 

They are included in the family prayers, but also temporarily taken away for family gatherings and placed home on pillows. 

Among other things, this cult (Ital. Culto delle anime pezzantelle) is based on the idea that the dead appear in the peoples dreams to thank for the care and the arrival in the hereafter. Approximately In 2015, the subway tickets were added to this tradition.

_U.I Culto delle anime pezzantelle

 digital photography | Napoli 2017   

Pistola di pane |performance

Alessandro Rauschmann Pistola Performance Ephemeral Art Contemporaryart Pistoladipane

_Pistola di pane

performance 2017

"Aktionen im Merz | Pistola di pane" TAMAGO, Berlin


I am sitting at a table chewing bread without swallowing it.

Having enough of this viscous mass, I start to form a gun out of it.

I use a spoon to define edges and details.

After 1,5 hours the body of the gun is finished.

I move it slowly over the candle to dry it and blacken it with the soot.

After the gun is finished I stand up and leave the exhibition space holding the gun as if it is real.

The table remains in the space as well as an exposed newspaper article of the "Il mattino di Padua" reporting the

story of Alberto Cassol a former Italian partisan who was said to have escaped from prison using a gun made of bread.

_Pistola di pane

relic 2017

bread, soot conserved with salt | ca. 13x3x21cm

Dilemma |artefact


artefact 2017

dried leaf, metal | ca. 17x11x6cm

Inri |artefact


artefact 2017

T-shirt, glue | size M

Gedächtnis |artefact


artefact 2017

cables for photovoltaic plant | ca. 280x410x14cm 


artefact (detail) 2017

Monkey`s paw

_Monkey`s paw 

artefact 2017

boiled leather, glass stand | 13x4x4cm

_Monkey`s paw 

artefact 2017

boiled leather / variable sizes

"Insolence | The Prerogative of youth", curated by Howard McCalebb, Dada Post, Berlin

Sangue spray |performance

_Sangue Spray

performance 2016

"Emmanation", Kaskl Gallery, Berlin


A tube with a spray cap on one end is connected to my vein.

I rest my hand against the wall and start to push the spray cap.

Blood is being pumped out of the cap and makes appear the negative shape of my hand on the wall.

_Sangue Spray

relic 2016

blood on wall

Paleolithic Spray |performance

_Paleolithic Spray 

performance/ relic 2016

ink on wall | ca. 186x208cm  


I take a mouthful of ink 

I rest my hand against the wall

I spray the ink through my lips against my hand

the negative shape of my hand appears on the wall

Confessionale astratto |artefact

_Confessionale astratto

artefact (studio view) 2016

Wood, nails, bitumen | ca. 202x244x155cm


A confessional that had lost its ecclesiastical function was used as a movie prop and ultimately left behind in the open air.

The confessional drawn by weather was disassembled by me in pieces, painted with bitumen and put together to a freely composed assemblage.

_Confessionale astratto

artefact (detail) 2016

Tre Chiodi |artefact

_Tre Chiodi 

artefact (studio view) 2016

nails | 176x152x10,5cm


Three carpenter nails stick out of a wall rendering triangle formation.

The impact holes of the nails correspond with the stigmata of the body shape of the shroud of Turin.

The absent body has to be imagined. 


_Tre Chiodi 

artefact  2014

nails | 176x152x10,5cm

permanent installation curated by Philipp Rössle at the Kapelle Ried in Ried, Bavaria

The coming God خداوند آزادى  |performance

_The Coming God خداوند آزادى (with Elshan Ghasimi)

Performance 2016

"Xenien | Engel mit Sphinx Gesichten | 3. Feier" curated by JHM Schindele, MMS2, Berlin


Elshan Ghasimi plays “The Coming God خداوند آزادى on the Tar.

While she plays I prepare the smoker by giving fire to dried rose petals and incense balls.

Then I slowly move around her pushing the bellows of the smoker to create smoke around us.

Shortly before she finishes I disappear.

_The Coming God خداوند آزادى (with Elshan Ghasimi)

Performance 2016

analogue photography by Max Schwarzmann 

Candle walk |performance

_Candle walk

performance 2016 

analogue photography by Natalia Korotyaeva 


I light a candle and slowly walk up a hill.

I protect the flame till the end.

Zanzara |artefact


artefact 2016

dried plant, tube, needle | ca. 15x20x6cm

Objects of desire |artefact

Skinscape |canvas


canvas 2016

blood, graphite dust, aloevera liquid, copper, shell dust and iodine on canvas | 120x120cm


artefact 2016


Aderlass |performance


performance 2015

"Wo der Ort beginnt", curated by Valerie Senden/ Manuel Wischnewski, Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin


I am sitting still in a black kayak.

I am covered with a dark cloth except my right arm resting on the kayak edge.

My vein is connected with a tube that ends in a vacuum bottle. 

The blood runs through the tube and fills the vacuum.

After a few minutes the bottle is full and the blood stops running.

I remain in this position for three hours.


relic 2015

vacuum bottle, blood, tube, needle | 250ml

Tezcatlipoca |video


video 2015

video montage | 3:27min

Sound: UZ - Trap Shit √5 | Aby Ngana Diop - Liital | Legba - Gangan


This Video is a montage of found footage showing Ivory burning in Kenya and Nairobi | Voodoo rituals in Benin and Togo | Train spotting in South Africa |

Panthers on CCTV in Mumbai and Johannesburg.

Death life on canvas |canvas

_Death life on canvas

artefact 2015

mosquito, artist blood, cable, light bulb on canvas | 120x120x5cm

_Death life on canvas

artefact (detail) 2015

No ice cream |performance

_No Ice Cream

performance 2015


I appear wherever in the public space holding an ice cream.

The ice cream consists of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

I stand still until the whole ice cream is melted and dripped to the ground.

Souvenir |performance


performance 2013

"Handlungsbereitschaft IV", curated by JHM Schindele, Blumenthalerstrasse 7, Berlin


The spectator is pleased to pass a black curtain one at the time.

Behind the curtain the visitor finds himself in a small complete dark room with only me in front.

I am holding a light bulb in one hand while the other hand pulls a negative photo paper out of my trouser pocket.

I hold the paper under the light.

After ca. 1 minute or longer most of the visitors decide to leave the room.

In that moment I raise my arm towards the visitor offering the paper.

When the person grabs it I let it go.

Now my fingerprint appears clearly on the paper.

The processing of the photo paper is finished.

The new owner`s fingerprint will not appear on the photo.


relic 2013

silver gelatin paper | 12,5x10cm

La grotta |photography

_La grotta

photography 2013


This artificial cave is situated in the Giardini Pubblici in Milan, Italy.

In the 1930`s the park was a Zoo and probably penguins were living in this cave.

The cave is reused as a habitation by homeless people since the Zoo has been shut down in 1992 through the engagement of animal rights activists. 

Blutkuss |relic


relic 2012

blood on paper | 12x12cm

Madonna |artefact


 artefact 2010

gloves on wooden plate | Ø 220cm

"The Magnet", Bereznitski Gallery, Kyiev


 artefact (detail) 2010

Uhr |performance


performance 2009

reenactment 2016 | photography by Hanna Karnapke


rotating the clock counterclockwise for 210.688 minutes till the moment of my birth is reached


relic 2009

metal / Ø 36cm

Papierschnitt |relic

_Papierschnitt (durch beide Mundwinkel)

relic 2004

blood on paper | DinA4