_Diogenes Reanimation

performance 2017


I appear in the gallery with my umbrella and a trash bag.

I beg all the artworks on display asking the objects with open hands for food.

I walk through the audience lightening the individual faces with a lightbulb.

I break a glass of wine and walk through the audience asking them to pour me something of their drinks in my broken glass.

I drink from everyone.

I grab under my shirt and slowly pull out a dead octopus.

I pull out of the trash bag 2 starter cables.

I connect the black cable with the leather jacket and the broken glass on the other end.

I connect the red cable with the umbrella and the octopus on the other end.

I pour salt on the octopus  and then leave the space.

_Diogenes Reanimation

performance aftermath 2017


_Octopus gone bad (Diogenes Reanimation)

performance relic  2017

glass, organic material